The importance of writing clearly for business

The document reveals a lot about you and your business skills. The authors tell readers about your background, education, pride in their work and do business in your expertise. The emergence of a paperless office, E-mail, Internet and web pages only. But the power of the written word, a company with staff who can write clearly and concisely with a competitive edge over others who are still struggling to communicate.

Your letter is error-free on any computer with spelling and grammar check, it is very easy to make your writing skills expired. The computer scans the correct spelling of the word. But it is a homophone with the correct meaning of a sentence for you. This error indicates that the reader does not know the difference, or you are too lazy to check and fix.

your writing is full of people who do not understand? Many times you are so rushed to write business documents using a simple method to get it done. The result is a business document is full of vague buzzwords and phrases that are fashioned conversation. Readers are told that they do not understand what you write. But be aware not to use the services of your business. Easy to write and present your. Writing is like a fashion model and has definitely changed over the years. You have to keep up with the current business and expectations. But beware of the crutches, such as occupation, industry buzzwords and trendy platitudes Buzzwords are words and expressions that sometimes mean nothing. But it looks impressive "Buzzwords like fertilizers are spread generously over the document in the hope that the brilliant idea will magically take root. Unfortunately, the idea has not grown in fertilizer, "explained a professional writer Stockdell Internet. You want to make sure that everybody understands the idea of ​​your writing.

The last thing you want to do is to feel your writing is too formal or old-fashioned. More direct way of writing has replaced some standard business phrases. Here is an example of "Your request" has now become. "As you requested," or "please find enclosed" has now become. "I am besieged." The format did not exist before the business writing that avoid the use of "I" has been changed to a limited number of "I" to be straightforward. and warmth.

How often have you typing out what you want. That is to say more than what you have written? Slipping into difficult negotiations, it is easy to do, instead of expressing thoughts in complete sentences. Perhaps it is because we as a society oriented phone keyboard also become a part of our phone and phrases often not completely dominate the text. Readers might think that the author also stated that business logic and your imperfections.

you use correct English? As punctuation, incorrect sentence awkward and grammatically poor, you need to check your writing skills and take steps to improve their

1 business review. Write your own and try to learn from your mistakes. Use your computer's grammar But check with a dictionary or grammar book.

two people who can edit your content.

three employees for their writing skills. This way you will have people around to editing or writing content for you.

4 read. Reading will improve your writing skills. Documents stored in the mobile business you admire.

five practices do not just pick up the phone to communicate; Get in the habit of expressing your thoughts in a letter or e-mail.

6 seek resources specialist. Consult a book like Gloria Pincu Bull's Eye Business Writing: 10 Easy Guide for a trip to write your goals. Search the Internet Seek training

See my website for information about my online course. )


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jumper Ezpad review 5SE: new options for the office

Surface Series computer tablet from Microsoft is undoubtedly one of the tablet's office. the most successful now. Success is not only reflected in Windows 10, which provides strong support office. But also because of the important role good hardware and concise. But the design looks delicate. Today we will talk about the tablet PC Live jumper Ezpad 5SE which combined with classic elements surface. Improves on the basis And now let's examine it in detail.

Features and Design

Jumper Ezpad 5SE although the body is not made of metal plastic. And part aluminum color, usually causing no little influence on the display. The outer boundary of the tablet will have a width of 15 mm is sufficient for an adult cell measures 27.50 x 17.10 x 1.00 cm, weighing only 700g.

stylus and keyboard. highlights of the Surface tablet and the iPad Pro and is very useful for improving productivity and office jumper Ezpad 5SE also supports keyboard and stylus.

setting and performance

According processor Intel X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad-Core clocked at 1.44GHz (up to 1.84GHz),. Jumpers Ezpad 5SE is equipped with a capacity of 4GB DDR3 RAM memory and 64 GB eMMC will get a screen IPS 10.6-inch with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels.

in terms of. connection, care for the needs of business users, Ezpad 5SE comes with a number of connections to. Facilitate the connection of a variety of external devices. It comes with a USB interface, two (one of which is the interface to USB 3.0, the other is USB 2.0), port MiniHDMI, card slot, TF, port and headphone 3.5mm enough for use in real life. day.

from their own experience Ezpad 5SE do better in dealing with the stitched image of single and multi smoothly and quickly. As for web browsing and video playback of novelty, this process is not much different to a typical notebook. And the battery can last for about six hours in normal use enough to work in an office all day mobile phones.


jumper Ezpad 5SE is actually a tablet compact. And it would be a good choice for people working in the office. school students, especially for those who are looking for style and portability. I think it would be a good choice for work in the office every day.

Source by Sarah HA

what Arnold Schwarzenegger Have to say about penis exercises and penis enlargement

In 1977, Peter Manso interview bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. The findings appear in the interview served five months in August 1977 Oui magazine article titled "Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sex secrets of bodybuilders. "

Arnold was 29 years old at the time of the interview, and frankly discusses topics of having sex with an interviewer. One question that arises is that if his penis size is proportional to the rest of his body. He replied that bodybuilders do not have large penises and penis bodybuilding is no different than other males compared to its size.

When asked about it, about the size of his penis and. The relative proportions of the body, wondering if he contributed more buzz topics are discussed and answered. "Well, that depends on what you mean by proportion. C * CK does not have muscle growth. Relations with shoulder speak or pectorals have. you can not make it bigger through exercise, that's for sure. "

statement that some foods pretty interesting idea. penis enlargement, I think. here we have someone who is a professional bodybuilder and a true master of the human potential for all forms of expansion by all means possible. The man who recognizes "Supplements" to help his body grow. People understand that growth hormone can do and what it can not do is probably more than just about any other persons who are still alive. This is a man who has made a career out of building up his body to be as big as it possibly can. He is world-renowned for it, in fact. And all the years of training, expertise and experiments of his own personal experience …

and he says, I say again, when talking about the concept of expanding man's penis. one of "you can not make it bigger through exercise, of course."

better word, of course.

not to. the hopes of everyone being able to enlarge. Their penises through exercise. But the next time someone is touting growth hormone, herbs and special characteristics of supplements that can be used to enlarge your penis, it's worth keeping in mind that the five-time Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia seven times. And the world would certainly have used a similar method to expand the framework of his muscles. But he does not believe that a man's penis to expand.

know that I can hardly argue that Terminator will not have any experience with such supplements. They also indicated that he believed that the penis does not extend through the workout because he did not know all the "technical" special "secret" and "tricks" and exercise special need to do so. But the bottom line is that if anyone knows how to make a part of their body any bigger then former Governor of California will definitely be the one who will be able to do it.

still claim that penis enlargement through exercise can be done, and many men swear that many companies selling supplements for penis enlargement and vowed that they promised to work 1-5. Profit inches in as little as a month, while spending only five minutes a day to do so. Others claim that the growth hormone pre-pubescent true secret to penis enlargement. And a list of certified products and this is certainly larger than what even Mr. Schwarzenegger could ever be achieved in a real life in his beautiful …

again to decide. your own in some way to grow your penis. In what ways do you believe will give you the best results Heck, you never know you may stumble into a product or how it actually works.



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Clear out your clutter: Where to Start

getting rid of clutter can be an emotional experience. Going into the cleaner know you're going to have to leave the sentimental gifts or other things that you do not want to get rid of can deter you from starting at all. But you do not need to get rid of all the property that once you're stuck with. There are many types of clutter, you can start with to help you change the cleaning process.

old clothes

You do not have to wash your entire wardrobe. But if you still have the clothes you have not worn in years or that no longer fit, it is unlikely that you have to wear them again. Clothing stopped when they start losing areas, gently used clothing in good condition can be donated or even sold again. This is a great way to clear out the area and may make a little bit of extra money.

documents, receipts and letters

is one of the paper clutter. Most in the form of a boring mess to clean up. But it is also one of the easiest to let go of. Both are committed to keeping them in a filing cabinet or a small organization or scanned receipts and documents into digital PDF files and eliminate paper copies all together. Things like junk mail and ads should be thrown away as soon as you receive them so they do not start adding to the clutter of paper.

old magazines and newspapers

These types of items can lead to hoarding paper. They tend to be a little more sentimental, and therefore a little bit difficult to let go of. But it is possible to compress the amount of paper clutter. Old magazines and newspapers tend to pile up, so if you do not read magazines or display them for decoration, they should be thrown. Considering that it is unlikely that you will ever go back to re-read or re-use everything you have saved. If you have any paper, you're trapped, especially, you can find a number of projects designed to help you open some of your clutter into the decorative paper.


If you have something in your house, for example, four copies of the same book, or three pairs of shoes, you should consider that the area is not. these objects are used up. Gravity blackouts can quickly start to pile up, so it's important to get rid of the clutter that you may not care about. Choose one of each item and donate the rest of your duplicates.

Source by Jeff Cohn

Agora Model – How to submit a marketing plan, $ 300 million for your business and make a fortune

version of Agora for business at the start of the experiment 10 years ago, the publishing company Agora in. Baltimore, Maryland, has developed the format. Agora model has helped to grow into one of the largest publishers in the world, an online newsletter.

what is the Internet version of the Agora

Agora Internet business model works on the basis of direct response marketing to sell products online. The winning recipe will be tested and applied to the other, it is a niche business franchise hybrid spinning off profitable business based on a proven business strategy.

model proven successful in the internet marketing business generated $ 300 million in the process.

Why take the stage version of

There are two main advantages to using the model are: The first is that you are able to market your products online. When you market your online business

  • you can sell at a higher profit margin because the cost of production is low
  • .

  • you can work from any location and time zone
  • .

  • you can start your business with as low as $ 1,000

The second advantage is that you will not be published. Information products, is unique because …

  • they get to know the high (webinars, online courses, home study courses, camps, boot) … so you can charge. high prices
  • .

  • cost of production is low because you can outsource most of the cost of your employees. (Ghosted graphic designer).
  • The cost of delivery is low to zero. (You send electrons through email)
  • .

  • your customers get instant delivery.
  • you can have your department, your sales on autopilot

If you are like me who believe in starting a business risk, the lower the smart high profitability. it then forms the platform for you.

three keys to success in internet business models Agora

  • traffic to your site
  • .

  • data capture visitors (lead capture)
  • .

  • followed by email marketing and sales leads.

Let us look at three aspects of this business model in detail ….

Agora is the first step in driving traffic to it. your website You can drive traffic to your website by; Blocks, leading to a joint registration, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, venture capital deals, ads, newsletters, and articles on marketing. Some of the methods mentioned above are free and others will cost you money.

The bottom line is, you want to have customers and visitors to your site as soon as possible.

when you start getting traffic to your website, you can go to the next step in the Agora ….

to capture contact information of visitors. visit your website and build your list in the process.

You do this by persuading your visitors to sign up for your Ezine for free.

key to success here …. You must understand the author Copy.

Copywriting is an art. Written to provide customers decided to buy from you.

This is an important step in the Internet arena

a true king … When you have the know how. To get the right opportunity … because with a copy to the right opportunity … to buy from you is easy.

Why is this important?

until you get more visitors to your website and build relationships … opportunities to grow your business. you are low.

you can start selling your products when you have customers.

The bottom line for the second step is to build a relationship with your customers.

The third step is to track your customers. The third step is to share the second because you have to build relationships with prospects before you can follow them up.

items in the homes of customers are responding more to the promotion of you ….. Because you have built a relationship with them.

What is the secret to building a relationship with your list or not

send valuable data ………..

. This means that you give them advice on the implementation of the free solutions and their frustrations.

when you are able to give advice that is free and promote your products in your home ….. your sales and profits will explode in no time.

we look at the layout stage for starting a business.

We have also seen key to long term success with this format. Internet key business.These A multimillion-dollar manufacturing sales for Agora Inc.

The good news is you can use this model to your business starting today.

Rich Schrefen Internet marketing expert and CEO. Profitability, strategic effect, including Internet access Agora This …

Step 1 :. develop a multi-million dollar recipe for repeat sales data for nearly 1000% + Free Marc

step 2: find new niches to the formula

:. step 3 repeat as necessary. (In their case, to the tune of several hundred million dollars a year)

you see the big picture?

up … if you want to take your business model Agora …

because I'm the smartest decisions you could ever use.

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Eczema Treatment – (? And Effective) Interest Home Remedies

treat eczema home remedies you use them or not. If you are one of about twenty percent of our population is infected eczema, chances are at some point you have to consider using home remedies to treat eczema.

in my search to find the most effective eczema. The treatments available out there, I just posted a question on Yahoo Answers about home remedies. "The real work" to find the real people like you and me, what treatment they would recommend it. Questions to answer quite a few of these and I have been asked only to dig deeper into this topic.

After some additional research on the Internet and ask friends for their treatment of eczema. "Family secret" I have a better understanding. What are the remedies is fast and efficient. Prepare to be amazed and surprised. All of these ingredients are common household items, some of us will not take a distance with anti-fungal drugs.

Oh yes, before I show a quick reminder. Despite its name, ringworm is not caused by a worm. It is an infection caused by a fungus known as mold. dermatophytes It is contagious and can be spread through direct skin contact with an infected animal is infected or infected objects or surfaces. So if you have eczema Itsy Bitsy- refrain from scratch. Fungi to stick to your hands, and you are likely to spread the infection to other parts of your body, or worse, to family members and other objects related to the contamination – non-disclosure list. every person with clothes, hats, shoes, brushes, what can be carriers of the infection. My friend has a young daughter adorable three year old named Tracy had brought home a bunch of toys from garage sales to some extent. She thought she had made a bargain juicy – a toy, it's still the same, and battery-operated doll actually speak still talk. To the chagrin of her little Tracy had an outbreak of rashes on the very next day, her pediatrician, who was later diagnosed as ringworm. The lesson is that you can not see mold. (Well, except under a black light or lamp – they glow). So be careful in dealing with the unfamiliar

But to this list if you want to read more about the treatment of eczema, ringworm and just got on my website. Please click on the link at the bottom of this page

first home-spun eczema treatment -. The kitchen vinegar and ordinary money. Soaked in vinegar and rub the affected area. Some even recommend taping money to the point where eczema. Others use vinegar without money. The reason that I use a combo vinegar is vinegar reacts with the copper that acts as a powerful anti-fungal.

treatment at home next and this is introduced by a woman named "LoveMe .." In answer to Yahoo, is to use diluted bleach the tips Q bleach in your area. affected to dry out. Some problems in the ratio of one part bleach to the water, the sixth is a lie is uh … how to solve others rashly recommended bleach for purifying treatment. But many people have correctly pointed out that pure bleach bottle is very powerful and may lye. (Sodium hydroxide), which can cause severe chemical burns and scarring. Just swim and soak in the pool chlorine, if you want to benefit from a bleaching agent in the treatment of skin diseases.

attractive folk medicine is another. "How the paper." People who use this burn crumpled notebook paper in a porcelain dish and ash residue or a Salve for the treatment of eczema. Imagine that.

retains a peculiar house is the use of nail polish colorless routing: Use a thin layer of nail polish in the areas affected. Allow to dry and peel off with tweezers or washed with soap. Those who practice this method believe it "suffocates" and confirmed that fungal infections of them dried up the next day the other recommend nail polish works just as well as the type of color.

men from Canada implicitly Sea salt is the best treatment for eczema. Obviously, this works in Gent Airport and infections from surface counters, he always leaned on the run. Ringworm spread throughout his body, including his face and a bloke poor have suffered throughout the years to become one with it after repeated (and costly) visits the doctor antifungal cream on a possible deal to. rinse eczema on his body. But the wounds on his face. That's when he discovered a method of treatment using sea salt. He rubbed a handful of salt water into the affected area of ​​the face plate for thirty minutes and repeat the process several times. The guy swears his eczema dried up in the very next morning. Sea salt or sea tickets, he said.

other items is a powerful drug, tobacco and Vicks vapor rub (recommended by "Rosie" in response to Yahoo) is certainly a lot of herbs and plants that have been cited as a way to effective treatment. too much I will discuss these in another essay, black walnut, grape seed extract, fruit juice, fig leaf and tea tree oil are some of these natural remedies discussed.

I would recommend any of these home-grown remedies eczema or not. not today. It is the human body, we are talking about here, after all. Caution should be the rule of thumb. There is no denying that many of these simple home treatments that actually work – for some people. But each of us has a unique set of our own physiological and allergies are quite different from John or to Jane Doe's body or be more specific, our skin react differently with different additives. together What I am saying is that eczema treatment that works for the ride home, your neighbors might not actually work for you.

If there's anything I own, apart from the usual over-the-counter. It is an anti-fungal medicine to treat eczema naturally. The use of plant extracts Green all the way One hundred percent, one hundred percent natural, organic Tea Tree Oil in particular. Many scientific studies have established the effectiveness of tea tree oil to treat eczema. A powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal agents peerless. And because it is natural – are less likely to cause allergic reactions unpleasant for you. For a discussion about the companies that produce natural eczema treatment product in the world-class art, please visit my website link below.

or you can take one day off a week and hit the sea near the resort (sea salt or sea water, remember?), And a week of fun and relaxation for the treatment of eczema.

Source by Emmanuel Gonot

What is the lesson?

lessons focus on teaching specific issues and a period of up to twenty-five minutes. You can teach a lesson to the whole group, small group or individual students. Mini- lesson is ideal for learning quickly lead to active participation.

The procedure for the lesson

before you plan a lesson, you need to point your teaching. The instruction is specific purposes. Learn what to do. The instruction might look like this author would choose to write feature articles for magazines. When you are teaching, you can start planning your lessons

one step. Model

The first step in teaching the lesson is to model what you want students to do. If the course is to get students to choose a topic to write, you have to choose a style section. You can show students a list of ideas for writing an article in a magazine that you brainstorm the night before. Maybe you have an idea about ten list. Write a list on chart paper or placed on screening out loud about your thoughts when you consider your topic. If you do not know much about the topic? Which is the most interesting? The topic that you can take the time to write without getting bored? This topic has enough meat to fill a real article? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself (out loud) this particular teaching. Your goal is to show students how to get rid of your destination and select the best for writing. You can complete this process in less than five minutes

The second step. Active engagement

The next step in the lesson is to have students actively involved. Engagement can range from turning to partners and talk hands-on experience is the key word "active" students participate in practice. (Trial and error), while teachers monitor and help their students. In the case of teaching our students about writing work in partnership to help each other through talking, writing their ideas in order to select the best ideas. At the end of the session, students should be ready to write. This process may take 5-10 minutes

The third step. Sharing learning experiences

before you leave the lesson behind and allowing students to take responsibility for bringing your class back together (or meet with small groups or individuals). to share learning experiences. In case of choosing topics that students can share their writing topics with the rest of the class and said that they decided on their topics. In this case, it is not their choice. But the process that they are involved in the selection of topics. Do not spend more than five minutes for the third stage. You have to get your students to work now! It is time to write (or read).

Mini- lesson is a great tool for keeping students engaged and move on. Children will have access to television, video games and the Internet to the point where they lose interest quickly. Short lessons to engage students with the interest and freshness of teaching.

Source by Lisa Frase

computer cookies: they are good or bad

described a "cookie" (! People calories than on your computer)

you can not talk about it all. The offensive & # 39; & # 39; The & # 39; & # 39 attack; Your computer while you are surfing the Internet, such as viruses or spyware without having to talk about. & # 39; & # 39 cookies; But what are they and are they really bad for my computer, how

OK, first let's define the term, and then we will explain what is good and bad about it.

cookie (s):

small. (Letters and numbers), files (pieces of data), created by the web server. (Big computer storage site) that are stored on your computer, either temporarily. The session only (When you use the site) or a fixed hard disk (persistent cookies) Cookies provide a way for Web sites that you visit and return to visit again to identify users and track their desired Amazon and Barnes Noble online with. extremely creative in their use of cookies that are created when you visit

here's an example from my computer by visiting this website

CP null * / 1088 1761935360 403215680 29726670 30785590 *

notice that there is only one line of text and numbers, you can get to know the name of the site. The rest of the information is just a set of numbers that only a computer can understand.

why the cookie is important to you? Well, you will not be able to browse the web you are currently in use, if you limit cookies on your computer.

a "cookie" (a type of calories that are not)

Cookies are often used to "treat" state (status of current or last known) of. session (the time you spend in places) while the user is browsing around on the web, for example, if you complete the form, and decided to leave that moment to see when you come back into form. the information you filled in will continue. Without cookies, the site will not know who you are.

two web sites that I mentioned, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, they both use a combination of online databases and cookies to recognize you when you return. Websites like "remember" your previous choices and from those books or music possible choice for you in your visit today.

Imagine if you went to the local Barnes and Noble store clerk immediately realize you walk up to you, as she calls you by name and you came to the table their own. books and music You can see that they have put all your favorite music and books on the table for both new and old, all laid out for your viewing pleasure now!

The following table is a sign saying "people who bought this product also bought these items" so that you may find interesting items that you may never have seen. You may find interesting Will not that make shopping a better experience?

Well, that's what it was like to buy products online with shopping complex sites such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon! And it is only because the cookie to remember who you are allowing this type of service will occur.

on the bad side of the cookie

In fact, as you've just seen. Cookie on your computer is not a bad thing. It's just that the information they contain can be quite enticing to unscrupulous people. Quite a bit of personal information may be living in a cookie file on your computer, such as ID and Password information, as a result, inventory information is sometimes the target of the attack, which is what happens with some kind of spyware. .

Default (Default refers to the value assigned to program a computer or device automatically) settings in your web browser will allow. "First Party" cookies do not contain any personal information, but is not. "Third-party" cookies.

party cookies are those that are created by websites you. Are visiting Third-party cookies are created by a site other than the one you are visiting; For example, by third-party advertisers that site. (Pop-ups or banner), the purpose of such cookies are tracking your Web surfing habits, which is why third-party cookies can be considered an invasion of privacy and a greater risk than first-party cookies. In some cases, cookies are used to collect and track user behavior on websites that provide marketers with private information about you without your knowledge. These are so-called tracking cookies.

Ah, now we're getting somewhere!

Because the tracking cookie is a relatively new term for a cookie that was designed by the. As mentioned above, the unscrupulous people. & # 39; to do business on the web. It is part of the unfortunate phenomenon known as spyware! But that's a topic for another article!

Source by Deborah Baird

get a job as a bodyguard or officials off guard

how to get a job as a bodyguard

Imagine yourself as a manager. Support for security companies busy you are. Looking for someone to fill the position in RST's work is ongoing – (posts like these are advertising very rarely empty these will be filled with the usual CV of a & # 39; in the file & #. 39;) you'll get yourself in a file? You get the personnel manager 1-10 CV of weeks, however, you decide to put in the file? It's pretty simple really a big part of the CV that you receive does not come with a covering letter, leaving them instantly, no matter how good CV look really rude just to send your resume without having to introduce themselves and show up. amateur rude.

The record will be accompanied by a cover letter is alarming, they are not good times, manuscript pages torn out. Wire bound notebook, even if they spell your name, qualifications and experience looks okay, very often with letters and punctuation slightly cheeky tone is poor, making the CV of these facilities. & # 39; & # 39 ;? file No, and most likely you will not even bother to send a rejection letter, CV ends (quite correctly) in the tank, so how do you get yourself. & # 39; & # 39 file; And not on the tank

book cover.

collection cover letter short and to the point completely impractical. Talking too much in this letter, you have already mentioned in a CV if you write by hand, make sure it is neat and clear, and paper quality, ink blue than black and fountain pen over the point. Please. remember that you are writing this letter, know nothing about you except what is written in the letter and CV always write a name, such as Mr. Smith, if you do not know the name – for the final choice is yours. can be sent to such Personnel manager I always try to get the name

sample cover letters might go as follows.

Dear Mr. Smith

I understand that your company has an ad in the Yellow Pages you complete shutdown protection. I have recently completed a contract abroad. (I have recently completed a comprehensive course in close protection) and are now actively seeking other. (My first) assignments I have attached a CV, which experience shows, etc., etc. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

a Resume or CV.


you have a chance. It has been used for more than one job so it is worth having a standard CV preparing CV that should follow a fairly standard format, it should be as long as you need to tell employers what they need to know. If possible, the CV into one side of a single sheet of A4 only output CV when you are satisfied that looks clean and fresh, if it's bad "dog ears" or a bad copy it. looks like a hand-me-down from the previous program (unsuccessfully) and this is not the impression you want to create.

There are two types of CV – "Detail" and "Skills Profile" – the CV details the most common CV all your tasks are listed with your current job before. the last two, etc.

this type of CV is not ideal if you're just entering the world of CP is that items such as the creation, storage stacker, milk, no direct impact far better. "Skills Profile" CV First you have to list the bare bones of your work so far – then you list the skills you learned in those jobs. Imagine that you have been working in the office for five years – seems to have no effect on the work you are currently applying for. But if you elaborate on the skills of the job, you might end up with something interesting, more accurate like

first responsibility for advertising budgets

two leading teams. four of

responsible for training three

chief advantage of. "Skills Profile CV" is that your skills stand fast

personal details.

Your CV should also give brief details of your academic degrees, as well as marital status and number of dependents – you should list the hobbies that you like. this will give employers a feel for the personality of the candidate


not everyone is passing from one life to another. – What if you get laid off or fired bankrupt? If you've had a long time off work to justify in your resume, you do not have to worry about the odd month or three. But you have to account for a long time. Employers may think that you get to prison if there are unexplained gaps in your work history, 18 months! A small example – May & # 39; 2003 in October 2003, traveling in Australia. Or you could write something like the December 2005 – February 2006 period, looking for work and attend training courses Bodyguard with XYZ Company, and Red Cross first aid course. Do not exaggerate any claims in history, you may have to back up these claims in your interview. Never go into too much detail, if you've been fired or left the job earlier – just like the line. "Left because the required skills I do not have", "I feel that I am not the kind of job", "Work restructuring removal company."


always include a professional photograph taken in the best CV right next to your personal profile. You can have a photo 3/4 length printed roll labels carefully and stick one on each CV; Or as simple as a digital image that can be printed directly to a breeder.


Keep a list of company names and contacts, and when you send them a CV – CV track with a phone call ..

[ "Hello, my name is_____ I sent my CV to a few days ago, and I wonder if it will come to you, okay – I'll have the skills you are looking for me in your area next week – I am. to come for an interview so that you can put a face to the name "

all this helps. But there is a fine line between keeping your name on the lips of an employer and a pain in the ass by distracting them too. Use the contact you if you get work experience partial or complete courses related – drop them a line like the example below

Dear Mr. Smith

you'll remember. in October, I sent

you my CV and tell you that you will keep me in mind for any work that you may have. I have just completed a comprehensive course in first aid, as well as primary and Russia hope to improve my files. I hope that with these new skills to add to my CV, you might find an opening for me in the future.

Yours, etc.

specific tasks.

if you hear of a specific job, and then customize your resume (no lie). the task is easier if you have your resume prepared on a word processor. We have attached a sample CVs – not just copy. We have included it just for you to get an idea of ​​the layout. Remember that you will be denied this industry is uncertain. But if you keep going hard at it and do not let rejection few to get you down, you can make it in this industry, just keep sending out CV and track

to conclude.

one often cover letter.

2 the CV should be relevant skills.

3 Photo Gallery.

It is the fourth title.

5. Use the best quality paper and envelopes that you can afford.

6, always follow up!

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Humor – BASIC Joker Construction

I suggest you read the first article in this series, before proceeding for obvious reasons

In past articles we. talked about the key elements of humor -. the element of surprise – and how to create humor did not begin with finding the funny in life. But the search for truth in life. Today we're going to start with the construction of the road trip comedy.


Humor start with what we found to be true about life. At this stage of the game we were not looking to get a laugh. We're looking at what we found as a fact of life that people can relate to. There is a broad topic To make it easier, and I tell you to look for those things in life where you think it's awesome or stupid. These are the attitudes and I'm not the first or the last to use them. Just find a topic and ask yourself if you are found to be a hard scary or silly about that topic

. For example: What's hard about getting married

If you are married. I can think of several things come to mind

How about:. What's scary about drinking and driving

Or: What's on TV advertising

Let me remind you that the goal is not to think of funny. I think that is true. Comedy will come later Stick with your attitude I suggest you get a spiral notebook to start collecting all these random thoughts because you will do a good bit of writing before you hit what you want. When I sit down to write, I like to think of a topic and just keep the creative process going. Sometimes I write about what it was like as a teenager, overweight – what a hard scary or silly. Sometimes I write about a child or a parent, the oldest old

two things that will help you go through this process.

first think of what other people are involved. They need not have gone through that situation. You want to find something that they can sympathize with. You may not want to talk about what is difficult about growing up as the owner of the camel, because chances are good that nobody in your audience can relate to. But they can be related to the loss of a pet or some exotic animals as pets.

two more specific you get, the better your topic. Instead of talking about dating, why not talk about internet dating. Instead of using the topic of parenthood, why not talk about what it's like to be lazy parents. When you choose a general topic, keep in mind that hundreds of other comedians are reduced in the same general topic is unique (which is the key to comedy) that you want to get more specific. I met

that some of the topics that most people who make you angry, annoyed, frustrated, etc., chances are good you. & # 39; is not alone in thinking that. Again, choose a topic that most people will experience.

This is really a topic for the next article, so let's jump in and out of this building as a joke and then we will return to the process of finding a topic. Which is better than when you learn to craft a joke standards.

comedy based construction

Let me start by saying no joke standards. Different formulas are floating around out there created by a different route, as they describe their own creativity to joke construction. Find the ones that work best for you, I recommend reading Judy Carter Comedy Bible for starters. Greg received a letter from the dean of Standup Comedy those are two of my favorites. But you have a lot to learn. Practice and author of

story to tell, and deliver millions of different ways – almost as unique as the people who create humor. But if you peel it all away, you'll find it all a joke consists of two parts: the setup and punch. You hear that things are different from one another. But it still means the same thing -. The two installations and a flea

The installation is part of a serious joke. This is where you set up your audience. Here, you force them to make assumptions. Comedian Many people mistakenly trying to set up their jokes do not make it true

. For example:.

I lost fifty pounds

There's nothing funny about this statement is

This is a punch ..:.

Oh, not all at once. I lost ten and twenty-five …. get lost …. get two

Okay, so it's not a joke, best in the world. But it is an example of how a joke has two parts. And by the way, setting a single line or an entire paragraph. Whatever it takes.

Ahmad is the second part of the comedy that makes you surprise your audience. Remember, in the first article, I talked about the expectations that? Well, here you go Fleas are you to say what they do not expect you to say. This is funny And there is more than one way to surprise your audience.

and I know it sounds too simple to be true. Trust me, it was anything but easy, it takes work and a lot of writing. It took twenty write bad jokes to get one good one. But if you're still working through the process, you'll get better at it. So let me out so you can get to work.

but before I go, here are some quick jokes that I created right here on the spot simply by creating an installation and add punch. Remember that some will not seem funny on paper, they will be delivered on stage.

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years.

Oh, he does not know it yet.

I bought a cream that is guaranteed to get rid of unwanted bulges.

I put it on my husband.

I finally have my son to sleep in his own bed.

Fifteen children about time …..

Okay, I know I said I was leaving. But the advice is more useful before writing Setup (any setting) and then stopped (before you try to think of something funny) and think about what we thought to be true of the stick. this set When I mentioned that my boyfriend and I have been together for three years, do you think he knows that.

the more you start writing the punch and the more you begin to see how you can customize. Set to surprise a better or different. Search words with double meanings. If you are a quirky and start playing your game.

This is an old, old, old joke. I do not remember who wrote it. But it was not me And I've heard many people do it.

doctor told me I had two weeks to live, I said, "Doctor, I want a second opinion." He said, "Fine. you are ugly. "

Okay, I'm really going now counts three, two, one …. …


Source by Kelly Swanson